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I live my life in accordance with Mother Nature. I believe that we all must give in order to receive. As a mindful and spiritual person, I am inspired by ideas of openness and peace. I believe we all must be active in the cycle of life and be peaceful with ourselves and each other. These ideas all inform my artwork regardless of the media, and I create every mark with clear intention.


To express these broad and universal ideas, I use references that have roots far back in human history. For example, in my work, I often use ancient symbols from various civilizations such as Sumer, Armenia, Egypt, Greece, and many more. I am also interested in sacred geometry, such as the Fibonacci sequence. I am always learning more within these areas, and often my discoveries reveal themselves in my art. Consciousness, natural elements, and manifestations of beings are also folded into compositions of my drawings and paintings. 


My practice centers around analog media such as India ink, oil paint, and acrylic paint, as well as digital media. I value the flow and liquidity of the ink as it gives me space to express my emotions and energy. Most recently, as we enter a new age of digital art and the possibilities that come with it—such as NFT’s—I am captivated with the accessibility of the digital space. To this end, I now create art with both analog and digital media to be shared primarily in the metaverse. 


Motivations for my artwork are plentiful, but most come from the Universe itself. To me, the concept of creation is especially beautiful, whether it be the creation of the universe, the creation of a baby, or the creation of a work of art. 

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